Dennis and I are a story of East meets West (coast that is). In comparison to how I grew up, Dennis came from a foreign land. It’s hard to find more of a city kid than one who grew up in the South Bronx. And me, well my high school was down the street from a farm with cows. Despite our completely opposite backgrounds, after sitting next to each other in a class at NYU, we both knew we had an intense connection. We shared common interests, beliefs, and humor.

In our seven years as a couple we’ve become absolute best friends. When Dennis proposed on a secluded beach in the Bahamas last June he began with, “You’re my best friend…” which made me tear up since I felt the same way. What made the proposal so sweet was that he chose to do it in the morning to symbolize a new beginning in our lives. (Guys, do not make fun of him!) And he made sure that we were alone because he knew I’d get terribly self-conscious and embarrassed if there were people around. He knows me so well.

Over the years we’ve really grown up together. We found our career paths, moved in together, created a cutesy secret language that makes most people cringe, and even adopted a small child (actually rescued a stuffed brown bear named Maulier from Russian gypsies). LOL.

We truly have a crazy mad love!
Puerto Rico